Japan in the Era of the Indo-Pacific: Responding to security challenges

Le 9 janvier 2019
De 16h00 à 18h00
Sciences Po Strasbourg – Amphi 210

Le Professeur Tsuruoka (Keio University) donnera une conférence en anglais intitulée « Japan in the Era of the Indo-Pacific: Responding to Security Challenges »

Although not a new notion, the Indo-Pacific is a concept that has recently drawn renewed traction in world affairs. The original meaning of Indo-Pacific was of geographical character, comprising an area stretching from the Indian to the Pacific oceans, including the huge Asian territorial reach. But in recent years the Indo-Pacific has been endowed with a new geopolitical connotation, with the emergence of China and the new contest for preeminence between regional and global actors over Asia and the Western Pacific. The Indo-Pacific concept is now increasingly used by strategists and policy makers in countries like Japan, India, Australia and the US to lay out the contours of their regional policies and national security strategies.

Promoting stability in such a vast region presents immense challenges. How to effectively manage the great power competition and prevent destructive dynamics in the US-China relationships? How to achieve a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula? How to manage tensions in the South China Sea and peaceful interactions on the oceans? As a core Asian actor, Japan has a direct interest in these questions, largely shaped by its perception of a free and open Indo-Pacific.

Prof. Michito Tsuruoka of Keio University, a leading expert of Japanese security policy, will share his view on the notion of a free and open indo-pacific

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