Compte rendu de la conférence du délégué à la question des Droits de l’Homme au Haut Karabagh le 7 octobre 2019

The Republic of Karabagh declared its independence in 1991 after the dissolution of the USSR but has never been officially recognized by the international community. Artak Beglaryan represents his country as a politician but also as a victim of the international conflict since he was blinded by a landmine at age 6. 

            Even though the State of Karabagh was part of Azerbaijan during the Cold War, it has always been a territory in dispute, searching for its autonomy and rapprochement with Armenia since the two share a strong cultural background. For sixty years Azerbaijan conducted an anti-Armenian policy leading to massacres and war against Armenia from 1988 to 1994, thus isolating Karabagh even more as it is a landlocked country. 

            Because of this troubled History, the goal is now to secure the country as much as possible since there are still permanent threats called by Azerbaijan. It triggered a war for four days in April 2016, in hope of reconquering Karabagh’s territory, targeting civilians and violating international law. Furthermore, the neighbouring countries don’t seem to plan a deescalation of the tensions. Turkey holds a very destructive position against Karabagh, as it actively supports Azerbaijan’s policies. Iran on the other hand tries to remain neutral hoping to keep the Western nations at bay from its territory. 

            Even though a mediation process is ongoing with the help of France, the US and Russia, results are still non-existent. According to Artak Beglaryan the international community has a responsibility in the matter. But the UN position mainly stresses three main principles (Settlement based an auto determination of the people, respect of its territory, unacceptability of war) while failing at providing any serious framework to settle the conflict. 

Artak Beglaryan délégué à la question des Droits de l’Homme au Haut Karabagh

Report: Juliane Barboni

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